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Heidrun – Norse Bock

Dark lagers! They are delicious, approachable, nuanced, and damn delicious… and this one fits the bill wonderfully.We put our heads together with our good pals at Gisenbrau Bier Co. in New Prague, MN to make a winter treat for y’all! Named after the goat that supplies endless amounts of liquid libations of the boozy sort to the warriors of Valhalla, this German-Style Bock with a Norse titled twist is a delectable and tasty gem.Built on a base of German Pilsner malt, with a support from a full array of German specialty malts to boot. Hallertau Mittelfruh hops provide delicate balance and a touch of continental noble earthiness. A traditional Bock lager yeast strain rounds everything out nicely. It slumbered for many moons until clean, clear, & delectable. Full time from grain to glass: 8 weeks. Malt-forward with a medium-full body… it evokes notes of toasted bread, light toffee, a smidge of nuttiness, and a wisp of dark fruit. It finishes decently dry despite its mouthfeel. Enjoy around a fire with friends and family regaling each other with legendary tales of eons gone by…

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