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Barrel Aged Another Happy Landing – Imperial Brown Ale

Holy moly, y’all… the time has come. We woke the beast from its long slumber and got it all ready to present to you in all its barrel-laden glory.
We took a small portion of our 1st Anniversary beer, Another Happy Landing – an Imperial Brown Ale – and racked it into fresh local MN bourbon barrels from our friends at Copperwing Distillery and let it rest and ruminate for six months. We then racked it again into local MN fresh rye whiskey barrels from our pals at J. Carver Distillery for an additional six months to gather yet more depth of character. The result of this combined year-long aging has yielded one damn tasty gem.
Smooth whiskey-soaked oaky vanilla notes pair in tandem with the base beer’s original tones of nutty, toffee-like malt sweetness to amalgamate into one cohesive libation. This beauty is big and bold, yet approachable despite its boozy nature, with a light warming note on the palate to finish. One could argue that the lack of roasted malt character in this beer lets the barrel characteristics express themselves more fully and with more nuance. But… we will let y’all decide that for yourselves.

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