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Golb – Red IPA

As one hop-forward gem on tap takes it’s final bow, another one arrives on the scene to take centerstage. Just like its namesake from Adventure Time fame, this IPA is bold, red, and full of delicious mysteries for your palate to unfurl…Built on a base of the wonderfully unique Red X malt, with a supporting grist consisting of: Vienna, Dextrin, White Wheat, & Carared. This sturdy malt backbone lends light caramel and biscuity nuances. Kettle and whirlpool hop additions of Centennial and Eureka toss off tones of grapefruit, red berry, floral, pine, and danky dankness. The trio of Altus, Centennial, and Eureka give off the same notes mentioned above with the addition of bright orange and a hint of assorted stone fruit. Our favored house ale yeast strain rounds it all out nicely and brings it together cohesively.Bold & assertive… this Red IPA is sure to please the senses and throw a little chaos into the same ol’ hoppy routine y’all are used to imbibing. Grab a pint of GOLB and traverse its quaffable layers with delight.

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