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Bodacious Bevvy – Blackberry Blonde Ale

Holy moly… its frigid outside now, isn’t it? Oooooeeeee! But we’ve got a new bevvy for y’all to enjoy. Even though winter winds are blowing around, lighter beers are ubiquitous year-round, and this one is no exception. A delcious blonde ale with a lil’ twist of berry goodness is ready to get into pints and into your bellies.Built on a base of local MN pilsner malt with touches of Vienna and Dextrin with a sprinkle of Munich malts for a simple, yet nuanced grist. Loral hops lend a gentle mix of floral and fruity tones. And our favored house ale yeast rounds everything out nicely. A very light wisp of blackberry ribbons throughout while maintaining a delicate touch… not a overwhelming fruit bomb in this one, y’all. Subtlety is the name of the game.Refreshing and crisp with a kiss of berry, this lil’ ale hits all the marks for a lighter beer offering with a lil’ extra!

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