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Yachtbience – Thiolized Pale Ale

Holy moly, y’all… we really went full send on the thiols with this one here. This pale ale will have you daydreaming of being on some boujee yacht sippin’ these suds with abandon. If we keep churning out tropical-toward beers do you think warmer weather will finally show up here in MN? We are definitely trying to manifest & conjure that into existence. Soon… so dang soon.

Built on a base of some new super cool (and loaded with thiol-potential) undermodified Pilsner malt from our pals over at @maltwerks , along with a smidge of Munich for color, body, & nuance. We made it rain Calypso hops in the mash to unleash more of those thiols. We also utilized a different & new thiol-precursor product in the whirlpool to unfurl even more… you guessed it… thiols. Wrapping all this tropical madness together, as well as being the literal key to unlocking it, we snagged & pitched the veritable Star Party yeast strain from @omegayeast to coalesce everything cohesively into this gem of a beer. A sprinkle of dry-hopping with the aforementioned Calypso is just enough to put this into consideration as being a pale ale. Buuuuut… as we hammered it home enough already, we wanted this tasty ale’s flavors & aromas to be mostly driven by thiols. Trust me… it certainly is, my friends.

Expect big notes of guava nectar, followed closely behind by passionfruit & citrus zest. A decent whiff of danky greens also presents itself on the nose too. Either way ya slice it… it’s refreshing, spritzy, & dry while maintaining a nice, round, & lightly hazy body. Come down and getcha some!

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