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Mitchell’s Classic IPA – West Coast IPA

We’ve got a simple, straight-forward IPA for y’all to imbibe right here…
Lyle, winner of a raffle during our One Year Anniversary back in February, got to design a beer in conjunction with our Head Brewer, John. He came up with a classic-leaning IPA as his go-to recipe. Lyle recently retired as a full Colonel from the Minnesota Air National Guard after serving over 30 years total in both the active duty Air Force and the Air Guard. To honor William ‘Billy’ Mitchell, father of the modern day Air Force, Lyle has named this beer Mitchell’s Classic IPA.
Built on a mixed base of local Pale & Pilsner malts from our friends at Maltwerks, with small touches of their Munich, & Acidulated malts to boot, as well as a smidge of Dextrin. The ultra-classic combo of Cascade & Centennial dominate all aspects of the hop schedule: first wort, kettle, whirlpool, & dry hopping additions. A stalwart Chico yeast strain ferments it through nicely & rounds it all out. Classic in every sense of the word.
Expect reliable notes of fresh grapefruit, candied grapefruit, pine, a hint of lime zest, & a wisp of floral tones.
Come on down and snag yer’self some of this crisp, tasty gem!

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