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Khaos Grenade – Salted Blood Orange Sour IPA

Well dang… that’s a mouthful, eh? Both literally and metaphorically…
We wanted to take advantage of peak season for blood oranges and make something gnarly, slightly different, & smash a couple “styles” together for funzies. Enter Khaos Grenade! Is it a sour? Is it an IPA? Fruit yet too? Yes to all, my friends.
Built upon a base of pilsner, with a decent smack of white wheat, a smidge of dextrin, & a lil bit o’ maltodextrin for a lightly creamy mouthfeel. Lotus & Bravo hops were dropped into the kettle for varying degrees of orange-y aromas/flavors. Lotus Salvo was added to the whirlpool to push it even harder. A sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt was used to make everything pop and to add another very subtle layer on the back end. To top off the overt citrus notes, a decent amount… but not a ton… of blood orange puree was utilized in both the fermenter & brite tank. The aforementioned Lotus & Bravo made excellent dry-hopping partners to make sure the blood oranges didn’t have all the fun on the cold side. Voss Kveik, known for its orange-leaning esters, was pitched to round everything out nicely.
Orange on orange on orange in layers… but still with a lil’ firm bite for IPA level presentation is the name of the game here, y’all.
Tart, heavy citrus in droves, crisp, & a lil’ creamy to boot. I’m telling ya though, the nose on this thing smells like a certain orange beverage sold at a stand or store in every mall ever back in the day… I’ll letcha fill in the blanks there.

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