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Croi na Tine – Irish Red Ale

Just in time for St. Patty’s, and all the fun stuff surrounding it, we are releasing an Irish Red Ale for y’all today! The name for this beer (see pronunciation above) means “Heart of Fire” in Irish Gaelic. It just so happens to be our Head Brewer’s youngest daughter’s birthday today as well! She’s a huge goofball that has a fierce heart & soul… as well as lots of Scots-Irish heritage to boot.
Built on a base of Irish Ale malt w/ a bit of Maris Otter to add slight complexity & a very small touch of roasted barley for color. Bravo hops provide delicate balance, while a traditional Irish Ale yeast strain rounds everything out nicely. Simple, crushable, nuanced, & delicious!
(We’ve also snapped it on the side pull tap… if y’all need more incentive…)

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