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Uncommon Alloy – Dry Hopped Sour Ale

We’ve got a tasty tart & aromatic lil’ slapper for y’all that debuts on tap today. Hop-forward meets sour for the best of both worlds that skews slightly more towards the lip-puckering realm. Have dry-hopped sours been done before? Sure. Are they common around these parts? Not really. Let this “Uncommon Alloy” treat your palate to something intriguing and delectable. Built on a base of 2-Row Pale with light touches of Biscuit and White Wheat malts to complete the grist. The combo of Lotus and Amarillo hops in the kettle bring a smidge of lemon/lime citrus to the fold. And the excellent duo of Citra and El Dorado make up the dry-hopping regimen to toss off more punchy citrus and stone fruit aromatics. Our favored house sour yeast strain gives the quintessential tartness without being too abrasive. Bright, zesty, refreshing, and tart… come snag yourselves some today!

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