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Uplift/Downshift – Amber Coffee Lager

We’ve got another coffee-laden beer here for y’all to enjoy! However, this one does not assault the senses… rather, it takes a more subtle approach for your palates.
Built upon a base of Pilsner malt… with some Munich, Vienna, Chocolate Wheat, and Honey malts all making up the supporting cast. Saphir hops lend gentle balance, while one of our preferred lager strains rounds everything out and gets it all crispy and clean. This gem slumbered for 6 weeks before we added some freshly-roasted beans from our pals at @tapestrycoffeemn in Lakeville, MN to lend its particular talents to the whole. The coffee notes are light to moderate and not super intense.
Crisp, clean, malty, nutty, and aromatic as heck… come down and snag some soon!

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