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Two Faced – American IPA

Oh… mah… gosh…. Did you HEAR what Crystal told Pale-y at the staff party last week?! She said she BELONGED here! As if! I can’t believe she’d say that! She’s so self-righteous. You know, if you asked me….Is what you’ll be saying after a couple o’ pints of our newest brews: Two Faced, a good ol’ standard American IPA. It’s early December, so it’s the season of giving——shade, that is! There’s been a lot of ~discourse~ in the craft brewing world about IPAs as of late, particularly around what malts should or shouldn’t go into them (we’re looking at you, Crystal). Our resident Gemini brewer wanted to weigh in with his two-faced cents by brewing up an IPA with plenty of heart(s) and soul (and of course, crystal malts and 100% Centennial hops). It’s love at first sip! Drawn in by that classic piney and citrus aroma, locked in with that gorgeous amber hue and malty-backbone, it’ll be hard to quit this one that’s for sure. Just make sure to loop your bartender into the gossip sesh, too 😉

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