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Laurelin Pilsner

“Did you seriously name a beer after an obscure Lord of the Rings reference?” Yes, yes we did. And it’s from The Silmarillion… geez, get it right.Indignant, silly nerd voice aside… this crispy new addition to our line up is gosh darn delicious, y’all. (Nerd glasses back on) Named after Laurelin the Golden, one of the Two Trees of Valinor in Lord of the Rings lore, this delectable lager is as bright and mood-boosting as its namesake.Built upon a very simple base of 100 percent local MN pilsner malt, with all Diamant hops for small, brisk kettle additions, and a classic lager yeast strain to round it all out.Super approachable, clean, and snappy… with very light floral and citrus aromatics. Come snag a pint today! And definitely grab a crowler or two to impress your friends with superb beer-flavored-beer at the obligatory company holiday party!

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