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Terptastic! West Coast IPA

This newest Westy IPA making its way into our line up hits all notes y’all love & enjoy about the vaunted, hop-forward style… but with a couple added punches… Built upon a mixed base of Golden Promise & pilsner with touches of dextrin, white wheat, and acidulated malts making up the grist. The trio of Lotus, Amarillo, & Eureka hops were dropped in the kettle and varying points to utilize their excellent properties. Amarillo & Eureka also made up the substantial, yet restrained, dry-hopping additions. Now for the really neat parts… We utilized a super cool yeast strain from our pals at Berkeley Yeast that gives off terpenes (potent aroma/flavor compounds) that mimic freshie-fresh Cascade hops without using said hops at all. To back that up, we added some MOAR terps from our buds at AbstraxTech that mimic Chinook hops… also without adding (you guessed it) any of those said hops either. The aromatic/flavor contributions from the combination of the separate terpene sources, plus the dry-hop additions, make for a damn fine experience for your palates! Bright & bursting with classic citrus, pine, & floral notes all over the dang place… come on down & snag some of this refreshing bevy!

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