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Hootless – Pink Grisette

Being “Hootless” herself, and a breast cancer patient since 2016, our own Stephanie believes fully that early detection is the key to fighting this horrible disease.This lil’ crusher of an ale lends itself very nicely to our line up.Built upon a mixed base of pilsner and white wheat… with touches of flaked oats, flaked wheat, spelt, and acidulated malts… a soft, clean backbone is the name of the game here. Loral hops provide delicate balance, light tones of assorted citrus, and a smidge of noble grassiness. An expressive saison yeast strain gives off its own wisps of grapefruit and orange zest esters. Last, but certainly not least, a tiny amount of dragonfruit powder was added to turn this beer into the pink presentation you’ll see in your glass.Light and spritzy with restrained expessiveness this Grisette hits a bunch of notes with a surpising amount of complexity on the palate. Come down and getcha self some of this delightful gem!H

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