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Shardic Expression No. 1 – Imperial Coffee Vanilla Oatmeal Stout

We are in the throes of the cold… the grip of ice… the embrace of Winter… so on & so forth. Either way you slice it, it’s damn chilly outside. Enter this beast of an ale… dark, viscous, complex & layered… its got a lot going on, while having it all mesh together in a lovely fashion. Each piece, or shard if you will, has a story to tell… Built upon a big base of Maris Otter with an all-star cast covering the width & breadth of the specialty malt world to support it. Various crystal & select dark/roasted malts intertwine along with gobs of malted & flaked oats to complete this multi-faceted grist. Lotus hops provide balance & cut through the thiccccccness to make sure nothing is too cloying. Amber & dark candi syrups provide even more heft, nuance, & boost the ABV up. This massive stout was double mashed to increase the density of the whole. To further add depth to this insanity we conditioned this beer on heaps of both Mexican vanilla beans, as well as some wonderful single-origin coffee beans from our friends at Fiddlehead Coffee Co. Big, bold, & beguiling with waves of assertively smooth aromatics & flavors… this is a beer worthy of expression in your glass & for your palate. Hopefully, it’ll warm up your insides as well.

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