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Time For Recess! – Peanut Butter Honey Banana Blonde Ale

Do you remember when recess was your favorite subject in school? And on those days when your lunch was packed with a peanut butter, honey & banana sandwich, you were livin’ your best life!! Webster’s Dictionary tells us that recess is a suspension of business or work, often for rest or relaxation. It’s the period of time between working on a project when we can just chill. Built on a mixed base of pilsner & pale malts, with a touch of white wheat for a light & slightly nuanced backbone. Bravo hops provide delicate balance while a decent smack of clover honey lends a wisp of sweetness, as well as body. Lil’ additions of PB gives off aroma/flavor of itself. Last, but certainly not least, we utilized a super neat yeast strain from our pals at @omegayeast that releases fruity esters of bananas without having to add any actual bananas… science is rad! Light to medium bodied, with mild bready notes, whiffs of peanut butter, & pleasant banana tones… take a breather, an intermission from your busy day to enjoy this blonde ale and reflect on some of the best days of your life.

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