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Double Sol – Thiolized NE DIPA

Ok, y’all… you smashed through nearly two batches of Sol Intent – our Thiolized NEIPA – at breakneck speed. Message received! In lieu of having a third batch of it on deck… we present to y’all an amped up verison in the form of Double Sol!

We built this hop-forward beast on a mixed base of Pilsner & Golden Promise. Hefty drops of dextrin, white wheat, malted oats, & flaked oats fill in to support & augment body/mouthfeel. A sprinkle of acidulated malt rounds everything out nicely. Cascade & Calypso both team up for a big drop of mash hopping to help coax out those bound thiols. Bravo Salvo hit the whirpool with its distinct orange-laden aroma/flavor contributions. The trio of Lotus, MI Mackinac, & NZ Motueka lend their wonderful personalities to dry-hopping additions. Last, but certainly not least, a superb thiolized yeast from our pals at Omega Yeast Labs ties everything up and unlocks those lovely thiols in droves.

Tropical goodness with orange-led citrus esters meld together like best buds in this smooth, yet explosive, aromatic & flavorful adventure for the palate! Come getcha some soon!!

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