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Boombox Apologies – Ginger Cranberry Sour

John Cusack… a boombox… Peter Gabriel’s damn fine voice… ring a bell, anyone? Welp, this lil’ slapper of a sour will have people begging to hear “In Your Eyes” after they get few sips in… Built on a simple mixed base of both local MN Pilsner & White Wheat from our pals at Maltwerks. Bravo hops provide a wisp of balance. Gobs of cranberries & a touch of ginger add some damn fine zip to this already tart ale. It’s a bit of an enamel peeler though, y’all… brace yourselves. Small in ABV, yet mighty in flavor & aromatics… this is either a perfect beer to begin your Thanksgiving Day meal with, or to end it and wash it all down nicely. Come getcha self some crowlers to bring to your family, friends, or whomever you choose to celebrate the holiday with this year. Cheers!

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