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Dreher’s Dominion – Vienna Lager

Hot diggity dang… we’ve got a gem of a crispy beer ready to present to everyone. Named after the pioneer of the Vienna Lager, Anton Dreher, this amber-colored, malty & toasty lager is perfect for heading into this holiday season!
Built on a base of German Vienna malt, with a slight bump of Munich malt for nuance… this simple grist showcases itself in excellent fashion. A couple additions of German Saphir hops throughout the boil add delicate balance as well as their signiture noble earthy spice & lighty floral tones. A traditional German lager yeast did its slow, superb work for weeks on end with its crisp, clean, & dry finish. Toasty & biscuity, with a very slight edge of toffee/caramel… malt-forward is the name of the game here. Come getcha selves some of this lovely lager!
Prost, y’all!

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