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Frigid Digits – Cold IPA

Winter is most definitely upon us… WEATHER we like it or not. See what I did there? Yup, lame dad joke, correct.
In the spirit of collaboration & cool beer ideas… coupled with this seemingly-forever-lasting-season up yonder here in MN… we, & our pals at Falling Knife Brewing in NE MPLS, present to y’all Frigid Digits Cold IPA!
Aren’t all IPAs “cold” though? Yes… buuuuuut this moniker designates the method in which the beer itself was made. Cold IPAs are fermented with a lager yeast at the higher end of that particular strain’s temperature range & are also dry-hopped moderately, not super aggressively. (I mean, you can I suppose… you do you) They are also completely lagered out, like a pilsner, helles, etc. Cold IPAs are crisp, clean, dry, & a great canvas for hops to shine. This new-ish style is similar to an IPL (India Pale Lager) but slightly different. Look ‘em both up to compare if you want to get really nerdy about it. Built upon a super simple grist of pilsner malt, flaked rice, & a sprinkle of acidulated malt to get it all nice & crispy for y’all. Calypso & Cascade hops were tossed into the mash because yes, you guessed it… we thiolized this beer as well. Why not? Chinook Salvo got dropped in the whirlpool for some classic westy vibes. Small smacks of both Idaho 7 & MI Mackinac hops were used for dry-hopping to piggy back off of & accentuate the tropical thiol notes. Last, but certainly not least, a thiolized lager strain from our buds at Berkeley Yeast performed its double duty & steals the show for sure. Grain-to-glass timeframe: 8 weeks. Bright, crisp, & refreshing… with tropical tones that don’t drown everything out… this banger of a beer is an aromatic adventure. Getcha self on down to the taproom and snag a pint of two of this collaborative gem!

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