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Classic Approach – West Coast DIPA

Who doesn’t love the classics? Music… food… literature… beer. Whatever ol’ time adventure you choose across the myriad of stuff in this world, this Westy Double IPA is most certainly a “classic approach” to the big, assertive DIPAs of days-gone-by…Built on a mixed base of local MN Pilsner & Golden Promise from across the pond, with touches of local MN White Wheat and Dextrin malts rounding out the rest of the grist. Simple, to let the hops take center stage. Bravo, Citra, & Eureka hops were added to the kettle in typical Westy fashion. The lovely trio of Cascade, Citra, & Simcoe were utilized for dry-hopping. A nice, attenuative Chico yeast carries everything through to the finish with aplomb. Bold notes of citrus, pine, & floral blend with small tropical tones with a pleasant lingering bitterness. Getcha self a pour of this gem!!

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