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Shadow’s Embrace Barleywine

The season had shifted once again. Darkness hits earlier in the day & the cold is rising. To stave off the brisk chill we conjured up a big, warming sipper for y’all! This bold barleywine will most assuredly getcha all cozy & relaxed. Built on a mixed base grist of Southern Select 2-Row from our pals at Riverbend Malt House, as well as the ever-stalwart Maris Otter, & the always-reliable Golden Promise. A pleasant amount of Crystal T-50 & a pinch of Dextrin malts round out the supporting cast. A smack of demerara/turbinado sugar adds a smidge of nuance and boosts the body, while a well-extended boil lends a ton of lovely Maillard reactions to meld in layers of caramelization & elevate the mouthfeel. Bravo, HBC 630, & Cascade hops balance everything out while adding small amounts of floral & orange marmalade tones. A well-attenuating Chico yeast plows through this beast while leaving plenty behind for maximum enjoyment. Burly, beguiling, & smooth… this boozy ale sneaks up on ya like a shadow to warm your soul. Come on down and snag a glass of this barleywine & ruminate about the finer things in life. P.S. – this is a perfect take-home beer to sit around a fire…

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