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Lithy – Lithuanian Farmhouse Ale

We’re taking y’all back across the pond again to Eastern Europe nodding to centuries of tradition with our take on this varied continental style…

Bulit on a mixed base of floor-malted Bohemian pilsner & white wheat with a supporting cast of golden naked oats, Munich, spelt, & acidulated malts. The trio of Lotus, Loral, & Bravo hops provide crisp balance and give off light tones of bright citrus & noble grassiness. Gobs of linden blossom honey from our pals over at Bare Honey (added to the mash, boil, & whirlpool) contributes added body, very slight nuance, & enzymes for the yeasties to do their excellent work. Speaking of… an assertive Lithuanian Farmhouse yeast strain from The Yeast Bay bestows most of the complex citrusy & earthy aromatic/flavor notes & makes it near bone-dry.

Expressive, complex, super dry & still fairly full-bodied… this slapper of an ale gives off Spring-like vibes while we are yet in the clutches of cold.

Come getcha some!

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