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Phil – Pre Prohibition Porter

We dug back into a bit of the past for this one, y’all. Also known as a “Pennsylvania Porter”, “Philadelphia Porter”, & “East Coast Porter” this historical style has got a lil’ bit of roast, a bit of toast, a smidge of sweetness, yet finishes fairly dry. Built on a mixed base of 2-row pale & 6-row malts with a varied supporting cast including: flaked corn, rye, red rye crystal, pale chocolate, & a touch of double roasted crystal. Lotus hops provide enough balance to cut through the subtle sweetness. Speaking of… we added a decent drop of molasses to augment the body, lightly boost the ABV, & have it give off wisps of depth. A nicely attenuative English Ale strain rounds it all out nicely. These Pre-Prohibition styles in general utilized whatever grains they had on hand from their own farms, of those of the surrounding area. Molasses was also a common adjunct to add as well. These particular porters were popularly brewed & consumed during Colonial America & around the Revolutionary War… hence their nicknames/monikers.
Come on down and getcha some of this not very often brewed style of dark ale!

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