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Another Happy Landing – Imperial Brown Ale with Toasted Coconut and Almonds

Hot diggity dang, y’all! Nine Mile is One Year Old today! As part of the celebration we made a doozy of a boozy ale for your eager palates… an Imperial Brown Ale w/ Toasted Coconut & Toasted Almonds. Think of an Almond Joy bar in liquid form… its full-flavored, with lovely layers! Built upon a mixed base of Maris Otter from across the pond, as well as local MN Pilsner malt from our pals over at Maltwerks, with a veritable host of specialty grains to lend layer to this robust malt backbone. Varied crystal malts interplay with some pale chocolate, brown malt, dextrin, golden naked oats, a smidge of Munich, and a bit o’ of white wheat. Buckwheat honey from our buds at Bare Honey provides a boost of body & booze and gives off a wisp of earthy nuttiness . Lotus hops provide enough balance to counter the mild-to-moderate sweetness. And a beast of an English Ale yeast strain rounds everything out superbly.
We also conditioned this big, bold ale on heaps of toasted coconut & a grip of toasted almonds. They each toss off loads of aromatics & flavor without being overpowering and obscuring the malt-forward presence of the whole.
Large & in charge. Beguiling & sneakily smooth. Malty, toasty, nutty… bits o’ baker’s chocolate & light notes of toffee… and dessert-leaning tones ribboning throughout… this is a sipper worthy of a birthday party!!
Come on down, imbibe some of this gem, & party with us today! Cheers & thank you all endlessly for the continued support! We’ve had a wonderful year & we will keep making the best beer we can for y’all to enjoy!

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