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Eugene’s Pre Prohibition Lager

Let’s be honest, the light lager has had a chokehold on the American beer industry for as long as many of us can remember. But those refreshing little crushers weren’t always what we know and love today. Before being outlawed in those dark years of Prohibition, American Lagers were bigger, bolder, and, dare I say, hoppier. A true case of immigrant ingenuity, brewers were faced with the challenge of brewing those styles they loved from across the pond using ingredients that were new and indigenous to their new homes, and they did it well. Thus, we present Eugene’s Pre-Prohibition Lager! American 6-row barley and malted corn make up most of the malt bill, helped along with some 2-row Czech style pils and Great Chit malt for added body to stand up to a formidable hop presence that you don’t see in today’s light lagers. A pint of Eugene’s Pre-Prohibition Lager harkens back to the early days of American craft beer, so settle in, take a sip, and let history repeat itself. And pet your dog while you do it 😉

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