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Saison de Rècolte – Harvest Saison

Ooooooeeee… get ready, y’all. This one here is damn tasty. When you get together two brewers that adore saisons some magick happens. Made in collaboration with Bent Paddle Brewing, this saison incorporates some fun harvest ingredients to make it stand out, as well as add complexity and nuance to a beer style that nowadays has nearly no bounds.
Built on a base of European-style pilsner with spelt, malted oats, and two kinds of rye, and a touch of acidulated to lend a malt backbone that is delicate yet medium-bodied with a wisp of earthy spice. Loral hops lend their ever-reliable floral, light citrus, and noble grassy tones. Two types of local MN honey from our pals at Bare Honey – Lavender Blossom and Buckwheat – were added at multiple steps during the brewday (mash, whirlpool, fermenter during knockout) to ribbon together a myriad of aromatics and light sweetness. A mega attenuative French-leaning saison yeast strain fermented it all bone dry while tossing off its own spicy phenols and smooth esters… with a nice edge of minerality to boot.
Delicate yet bold… dry with a wisp sweetness… and packed with a swirl of aromatics/flavors that dance around on the palate from sip to finish. This refreshing and delectable ale is great for observing the harvest (however that may look to y’all individually) and imbibing in the company of friends and family.
Bonus! For anyone heading to Autumn Brew Review this weekend… this beer will be pouring both at our booth as well as at over with the Bent Paddle crew and their set up!

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