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Shardic Expression 2.0 – Imperial Maple Fudge Oatmeal Stout

It’s that time again, y’all. We dug our Imperial Oatmeal Stout recipe from last year out of the vault and changed up a few things to present it in a new, delicious way. Whereas last time there was coffee and vanilla imbued within the beer… this round has maple and fudge elements to the whole instead!
Built on a hefty base of Maris Otter, with a whole slew of a supporting malt bill. Two types of oats, a deluge of crystal and roasted malts, and a touch of dextrin and other choice specialty malts round out the grist. A couple different dark sugars grace the whirlpool along with a deep dose of maple sugar as well. Lotus hops provide enough balance to keep the sweetness in check. Both liquid and nib versions of cacao were added to mid-fermentation & some more maple was added towards the tail end of fermentation. Our favored house ale strain chewed through this beast and rounded it out and wrapped it all together lovingly.
Large and in charge… this deep, dark leviathan of an Imperial Stout is perfect for nightcaps and curling up with your favorite book, game, or show. Let it lull you into an easy, peaceful experience.

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