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Fat Bear Week – Double Cream Ale

We understand. With the daylight hours waning and the chill creeping in, it can be hard to drag yourself out of your den. It’s time to hunker down, cozy up, and prepare to last though the long winter ahead. But, alas, we can’t just consume 20,000 calories a day and hide in a cave for 6 months, so we invite you to come down to the taproom to commiserate with likeminded souls over a pint of our newest brew: Fat Bear Week.
If you’ve been missing our Cream Ale on tap—but want something with a little more ‘mmph’ to warm you up—let us introduce our “double cream ale.” We took all the things you love about Three Bears and her dialed up a notch :wink:. Fat Bear Week goes down smooth and sweet with a cornflake finish, with warm hints of biscuits, baking spices and fruity esters to round out its deceptive strength at 7.4%. Perfect for lounging by the fire after leaving the office to no sunlight, or grabbing armfuls of crowlers to await the inevitable first snow, we’re not gonna poke the bear by telling you how to enjoy your beer!

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