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Public Access – Double NE Pale Ale

Adjust those rabbit ears and smack the side of your ancient tube TV a couple times to get this new, hop-forward delight to come into view. Public Access Double Pale is live and ready to imbibe!
Built on a mixed base of pilsner and pale malts with a touch of an extremely light crystal malt and a lil’ dab of white wheat to make up the sturdy backbone. A wisp of Lotus up front for a bittering charge is followed up by classic kettle and whirlpool additions of Vista, Mackinac, and a newcomer to the hop game, HRC-002. A 3-to-1 ratio of HRC-002 to Vista was utilized in a large dry-hopping addition. Expect aromatics/flavors reminiscent of apricot, tangerine, fruit punch, and a smidge of pine. And last but not least our favored neutral house ale yeast strain rounds everything out nicely and lets the hops come to the fore and shine excellently.
Punchy, bright, and full of character… with a light, yet firm, bitterness at the end to harken back to the hoppy ales of old. It’s damn tasty, y’all.
Lastly, what’s a “Double Pale Ale” you may ask? Welp… come on down and find out for yourselves! If you are a classic hophead you won’t be disappointed…

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