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Sleeveless Vest – West Coast Pils

Howdy, y’all! We proudly introduce to you an extra crispy lil’ number born from a solid braintrust between us here at Nine Mile and the excellent crew down at Little Thistle in Rochester, MN. Wait… aren’t all vests sleeveless though? Well, yeah. Unless one is on a roll excitedly explaining a killer “sleeveless vest” in conversation whilst already a few pints down the gullet. Ope… dummy!Built on a base of mixed base of Floor-Malted Bohemian Pilsner and Eraclea Pilsner for a sturdy, simple canvas with bits o’ nuance. Lil’ smidges of Dextrin and Acidulated malts lend body and mild complexity. Kettle additions of Cascade, Citra, and Centennial CGX leech lovely little aromatics into the fold. Chinook CGX and Citra Cryo further push punchy citrus and wisps of tropical fruit on the nose without getting anywhere near pale ale or IPA territory.The “west coast” part of this pils is a nod to the bold aromatics/flavors of westy pales and IPAs without becoming one itself. It retains its crushable identity while cheekily wearing a disguise of bright hops on the surface. The amalgamation is damn delicious!Light, bright, punchy, and effervescent… with a snappy bitterness that disappears quickly into a clean finish.And If y’all haven’t been down to Little Thistle to imbibe their liquid wares, getcha selves there sooner than later!!

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