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Rocko’s Raspberry Chocolate Double Stout

We’ve got a dang tasty treat for y’all going on tap today… swing on down and getcha self some of our newest dark ale! Built on an always lovely mixed base of Irish Stout malt & Maris Otter to start the canvas. Golden Naked Oats, Aromatic, and Munich add depth… while a swirl of roasted & caramel malts layer in their prized talents. Gobs of cacao nibs and dark chocolate chips lend overt notes of delectable goodness. Lactose and Amber Candi Sugar both boost the body and meld a modicum of sweetness together. And last, but certainly not least, small hints of Raspberry makes everything delicately pop while blending in well with the whole of the beer. A clean American Ale yeast rounds everything out nicely.

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