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Pride In Brewing – Golden Ale

It’s no secret that the craft beer industry falls a little flat when it comes to diversity—whether that be gender, race, sexual orientation, or a myriad of other identities. It was in response to this hole in our industry that the folks over at the Beer Dabbler founded the Pride in Brewing Scholarship in 2018 to award members of the LGBTQIA+ community with a full scholarship to pursue a formal brewing education and add a little more color to the craft beer world. This year, three past recipients of the Pride in Brewing Scholarship have joined forces with each other to present the first ever Pride in Brewing collaboration beer! And thanks to the generous donations from the Brewers Supply Group of all raw materials required to brew it, we’re able to donate a portion of each pour and crowler back to the scholarship for future applicants to further their brewing knowledge.
A bready pilsner base with honey malted-oats and barley accentuated by multiple Amira and Comet hop additions in the kettle and cold-side yield a subtle nose of citrus and spice upon first sip, followed by a crisp, subtly sweet ale with undertones of honey and fruit that’s still dry enough to be refreshing on these hot summer days. Come join us for a pint and raise your glass in pride!

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