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Three’s Company – Triple IPA

Ooooo… dang! Our buddy, and renowned Hop Wizard Extraordinaire, Eric Sannerud, and our production team put their brains together and came up with a doozy of an ale, y’all. Coming ‘atcha from all angles, this beast of a hop-forward bruiser has got it going on in spades with an exciting new experimental hop to boot…
Built on a mixed base of Pilsner and Golden Promise, with touches of White Wheat, and a dollop of Malted Oats. Bravo comes in early with a first wort kettle addition. This is followed by multiple, classic mid-to-later kettle additions of the aforementioned USDA “elite line” experimental hop dubbed simply as “333” from our pals at Hollingbery & Son Hops. Bravo and Vista come in clutch as backup support. A large charge of 333 was also utilized as a dip hop addition to coax out differing notes at sub-boiling temps. Last, but certainly not least, a huge drop of 333, and a decent smack of Vista, were added for dry-hopping additions. In short, we wanted to add 333 in multiple stages to unlock many facets of what it has to offer. We get waves of white peach, assorted red fruits, and sweet floral notes from 333, backed up by other assorted stone fruit & light melon from Vista, and slight orange-laden citrus from the Bravo. A highly-attenuative, clean house ale strain chews through it all and lends a light dryness while retaining a moderately-full body.
Big, bold, and packed full of flavor/aroma, with a whisper of a warming note from the high ABV… this Triple IPA is certainly worth checking out!

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