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Desert Dwelling Dragon – Red Prickly Pear and Dragonfruit Sour

When you smash together two uncommon fruits into one neatly wrapped tart package… this is what comes about from their cohesive amalgam. A surprisingly sweet & sour balance with deep color hues makes this unique treat worthy of imbibing.
Built on a simple grist of pilsner, white wheat, & acidulated that provides a clean canvas to layer flavor/aroma. MI Mackinac hops provide notes of fruit punch reminiscent of Tahitian Treat. Dragon fruit powder was added to the whirlpool to garner wonderful color and give off whispers of light tropical fruit. Our house sour strain tosses off citrus-leaning tart notes and ferments the beer to a fairly-dry attenuation. Gobs of red prickly pear puree was added to late-fermentation to add further depth of color, as well as a sweet juiciness reminiscent of watermelon.
Moderately tart and juicy sweet with a color hue of magenta bordering on fuchsia… take a sip, take another, then drain that glass and snag some more.

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