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A Tale of Two Grizzies – Yuzu and Ginger Grisette

We team up with our pals at Nouvelle Brewing in Robbinsdale, MN at least once a year to get annual Grisette collab on the books. This time around the brainstorming session came up with a lil’ Grizzy with Yuzu and Ginger. The result? Damn… this is the quintessential patio slammer… and we don’t say that lightly.
Built on a base of pilsner, with a supporting cast including: white wheat, spelt, flaked wheat, flaked oats, and a touch of acidulated. Loral hops provide delicate balance while contributing soft notes of noble grassiness and rose blossoms. A super attenuative Lithuanian farmhouse ale strain chewed through it all to present a bone-dry finish with a wisp of minerality. The undisputed stars of the show, yuzu and ginger, provide their citrus and spice notes while brightening the whole of the beer. Everything in balance is the name of the game with this gem.
A light, soft body lends itself to a bright, punchy, and refreshing-as-all-heck lil slammer. Slay the heat with this sessionable ale on repeat… its worth the revisit.
(P.S. – be sure to swing by Nouvelle to try the other half of our collaboration with them up there! Their version is a Mango and Calamansi Grisette and it is damn delicious!)

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