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Let’s Get Trivial! – Cherry Wheat Ale

Whether you love to show off your big brain in front of a group of like-minded strangers… or you just love a delicious, lightly-fruited wheat ale, then no question about it… we’ve got you covered.
Built on a mixed base of Pilsner and White Wheat, with slight touches of Dextrin and Acidulated. Lotus and Amarillo hops provide delicate balance and gives off whispers of floral and assorted citrus tones. A very restrained amount of tart cherry puree was added to get the quintessential light berried notes. Our favored house ale yeast strain rounds everything out nicely.
It’s the perfect accompaniment to an evening spent trying to name every state that borders Tennessee, or pondering whether there are more polar bears or grizzly bears in the wild. Even if you guess wrong, a pint of Let’s Get Trivial is always the right answer. Get on down here and snag some!

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