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Premium Sudstenance – Rye Helles Lager

Well, well, well… what do we have here? Looks like another solid collaborative meshing of minds churning out a crispy slammer for y’all!
We and the crew over yonder at Oliphant Brewing in Somerset, Wl batted around some ideas and decided to make a Rye Helles to round out the end of Summer! Riffing on a classic Helles, we added just a touch of rye for added complexity.
Built on a simple base of German Pilsner malt, with a hint of flaked rye, & and even smaller hit of Munich malt. Kazbek & Saphir hops lend their noble herbal & grassy notes to the whole, while a traditional German yeast strain rounds everything out & showcase the delicate malt-forward flavors/aromas.
Dry & lightly bready with a smidge of
earthy spice… getcha self some!

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