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Cafe Con Miel Milk Stout

Welp, y’all… we’ve got another banger of a beer here. Once again, blending our two respective talents of beer & coffee, we and our pals at The Get Down Coffee Co. in North MPLS conjured up a delectable bevy to enjoy.
Built on a solid mixed base of Irish 2-Row & Maris Otter, with a veritable host of specialty malts to boot. Cara Ruby, Munich, Golden Naked Oats along with a slew of crystal & roasted malts come to bear lending their flair to the whole. Decent drops of amber candi sugar & lactose fill out the body while adding nuance. A grip of Plus One espresso blend adds its overt notes. Cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, honey, & vanilla round out the final flourishes.
Decadent, full-flavored, coffee-forward… with a hint of sweetness & touches of the aforementioned spices tell a story reminiscent of a damn fine drink at your favorite coffee shop. Come getcha some!!

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