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Hackin’ Grass American Light Lager

Minnesota… it’s usually either below zero or over 90 degrees. Snowblower or lawnmower… it’s one or the other. Being that it’s high summer though, y’all can guess which one is in season. Wouldn’t ya know it too… we’ve got your lawnmower beer right here! Hackin’ Grass, our new American Light Lager, is just whatcha need to combat this damn incessant heat. Built on a base of Pilsner, with a decent drop of Flaked Rice, & a touch of Acidulated malt… super simple grist to let maximum drinkability come to the fore. Extremely light hopping with Altus & Saphir lend very delicate balance. Mega light, dry, very crushable… snag multiple pints of this one for sure.

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