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Breakfast Salad Brunch IPA 2.0

Who says you can’t have salad for breakfast? And who says you can’t have an IPA at brunch??
A beer brewed for those who defy boundaries, for those sick of the status quo and labels and the same old same old of days long past. Wait––we’re still talking about breakfast foods, right?
Breakfast Salad is what we here at Nine Mile have dubbed a “Brunch IPA:” a dry IPA base with plenty of hop aroma and citrus to make your mouth pucker in the best way. Expect citrus forward notes from Mango, Cara Cara, and Key Lime fruit additions, on top of a Citra and Nectaron dream-team Dry Hop to make this beer as tropical as if you were seated beachside.
Raise a glass and be proud!

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