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Smileized – Thiolized NEIPA (Collaboration with A-Side Public House)


Smile, y’all! Your day is about to get a whole lot better with a pint of this beauty in your hands! This new NEIPA to our line up is bursting at the seams with overt tropical notes of all contexts.

What is “thiolized” you may ask? Thiols are richly dense flavor/aroma compounds that give off grips of tropical fruit notes… particularly passionfruit & danky guava, in this case. They can be found in both hops & certain types of malted grains as well. Some thiols are “unbound” and give off their notes naturally… some are “bound” and need some help releasing their goods. That’s where a “thiolized” yeast strain comes into play. These strains release bound thiols in abundance. The end result is massive waves of the aforementioned tropical fruits. They play very well in IPAs of all sorts. We decided for our first foray into these new, killer strains to go the hazy route…

Bulit on a base of local MN pilsner & white wheat… with a supporting cast of characters, including: torrified wheat, flaked wheat, dextrin, & flaked oats. Loads of Calypso hops went into the mash to bring out their thiol potential. A bunch of Lotus Salvo from our pals at Hopsteiner both went into the whirlpool. Big smacks of Citra, Vista, & Nelson Sauvin CGX from our buds at Crosby Hops fulfilled their dry hopping potential to the max. Last but certainly not least, London Tropics yeast from our friends at Berkeley Yeast tossed off those wonderful thiols to augment the hops. Everything plays off each other wonderfully!

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