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Betty DeLite Porter

Our latest addition to the line up here is a double nod to both the beloved Caramel DeLite cookie & the dearly departed Betty White. Let’s just say there some big fans of both Golden Girls & damn good cookies here on staff at the brewery. Honor both simultaneously with a dark, delectable ale!

Built on a base of local MN Pale malt, with a supporting cast of characters including: malted oats, dextrin, multiple caramel malts, & a couple different chocolate malts. A decent drop of cacao nibs & a smack of toasted coconut add depth & complexity. A neutral ale strain rounds everything out nicely.

Note: this beer doesn’t get into pastry beer territory at all… the notes here are nicely nuanced and it finishes ever-so-slightly sweet. Baker’s chocolate, toasted coconut, malt chewiness… it’s tasty, my friends.

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