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Grizz N Glamour: A Grissette-Style Ale

We’ve got a banger of a lil’ table beer for y’all! The crew from Nouvelle Brewing in Robbinsdale, MN dropped by to collaborate on this spritzy low-ABV ale.
Grisettes are light on alcohol, highly-carbonated, easy to drink, & refreshing as all heck. Think of it as a “Saison Lite”, if you will. Our take on this style has notes of: cantaloupe, honeydew, stone fruit, & assorted citrus. Everything is in delicate balance & nothing lingers. It hits quick & dries out even quicker.
Built on a mixed base of pilsner & white wheat malts. A decent hit of spelt, & touches of both flaked oats & wheat make it the rest of the grist. Loral hops provide a whisper of bitterness & and a smidge of noble grassiness. An expressive Kveik yeast strain – this one in particular perfect for farmhouse-leaning beers – from our pals at The Yeast Bay makes up a majority of the aforementioned flavor/aroma notes.

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