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Frost Fangs

Well, if this isn’t a timely addition to the line up… with all this late-March snowy (predictable) nonsense we got going on here in MN. Aptly named for the current lil’ cold snap, Frostfangs is super crisp, hop-forward delight to imbibe.Cold IPAs at their heart are IPAs fermented at lager temps (usually with a lager strain or an ale/lager hybrid strain) for a cleaner, clearer, and crisper canvas for hops to express themselves to the utmost. That lovely lupulin doesn’t have to compete, or combat, with any esters that usually arise from standard ale yeasts.Built on a simple base of pilsner malt with a decent smack of rice (indicative of the “style”) and a lil’ bit of dextrin malt to create a very neutral malt backbone, with enough left behind for head retention, for hop expression to blast forth unhindered. Citra and Estate Grown Comet couple together for some classic late-kettle additions. Citra and Eureka were dropped into the whirlpool. Citra Cryo, Estate Grown Comet, and Eureka team up for a big (but not overwhelming) dry hop addition. A classic continental lager yeast was utilized for a low and slow cold fermentation and an extended slumber. Total time for grain-to-glass: 9 weeks.Expect aromatics/flavors reminiscent of dank pine, sweet citrus flesh, assorted stone fruit, and light floral notes. A moderate dryness, firm (but smooth) bitterness, and a snappy effervescent finish round it all out. Go ahead and curse the frigid, frosty temps while indulging in a pint of two of this liquid gem!

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