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Ordrozenie: Polish Grodziskie

A Grod…. What? This newest addition to our line up is a crushable lil’ banger of a beer. Steeped in tradition & hyper-locality (in this case Poland), this smoked wheat beer hits a bunch of notes simultaneously. We decided to name it Ordrozenie – loosely translated to “revival” in Polish – as this ancient style of beer is slowly making a comeback… even here stateside in the US. These beers originally hail from the town of Grodzisk, Poland. A Grodziskie (pronounced: grow-GEE-skee-ya) traditionally is made with 100 percent oak-smoked wheat & noble European hops. It’s highly carbonated, dry, refreshing, & has a slight minerality to the finish. Keeping with tradition, we also used only oak-smoked wheat for our malt bill. Saphir hops provide an assertive, crisp balance with a nearly imperceptible grassy, herbal note. A lovely Kolsch yeast strain from our pals at The Yeast Bay rounded it off and dried it out nicely. We cold-conditioned this for a couple weeks (a “mini-lager phase”, if you will) to get it even crispier for everyone to imbibe this beer in heaps. Enjoy this unique & damn delicious ale outside with family & friends over a feast with your favorite smoked foods… or kicked back in a lawn chair doing absolutely nothing. Whatever it may be, relax & chill y’all! Na Zdrowie!

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