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Sunburst Deluxe Juicy IPA

Let’s shoot for the middle of the road here, shall we? Deal! Sunburst Deluxe provides and abides.
This juicy IPA straddles the line of a hazy and westy by incorporating elements of both. It’s packed full of flavor, but not overly sweet… its got body, but leans towards dry… and its slightly cloudy, but not full on hazed out.
Built on a base of pilsner with a nice smack of Golden Promise from across the pond. Touches of the always stalwart dextrin and white wheat make an appearance, while a bit o’ flaked oats wrap it together. A lovely blend of El Dorado and Nectaron hops make up the kettle hopping and whirlpool additions. El Dorado CGX and Nectaron team up for dry-hopping. A super aromatic terpene in the form of Pineapple Express from our pals at AbstraxTech was also dropped in cold-side to add it’s own mark to the whole. And last, but not yeast, an awesome new yeast strain from our buds at Berkeley Yeast, called Sunburst Chico, gives off waves of pineapple tones.
Juicy and crisp, with undertones of stone fruits and a quick wallop of dankness on the nose… Sunburst Deluxe is a fine addition to our current line up.
In fact… I dare y’all to get one, as well as our house hazy IPA (Current Obsession) and our newest West-Coast IPA (Standard Operating Westy) and imbibe all three presentations side-by-side. Go full send!

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