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Standard Operating Westy – West Coast IPA

Here at Nine Mile we adore West-Coast IPAs… or anything leaning towards a Westy. I mean, we like all IPAs… buuuuuut a good Westy holds a place in our hearts for sure. And we’ve got a lovely entry into that category here…

Built on a base of 2-row pale malt, with a decent smack of pilsner, a touch of dextrin, and a smidge of white wheat for a great canvas to layer hops within. Cascade & Idaho 7 make up the kettle additions. The trio of Centennial CGX, Chinook CGX, & Idaho 7 share in the dry hopping addition lend notes of citrus, pine, floral tones, & a slight undercurrent of tropical fruit getcha good on the nose & the palate. One of our favorite house ale strains rounds everything out nicely.

Clean & crisp with all the wonderful aforementioned flavor/aroma notes heaped on top of a solid malt backbone… this is a tight standard operation for an excellent hop-forward offering. Come down here at snag some!

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