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Statement Of Westy – West Coast IPA

If you’re new around these parts, then there are two things you should know about us here at Nine Mile Brewing: 1) We love a good ol’ West Coast IPA, and 2) We’ll never stop until we’ve made the best around! Join us in imbibing in our latest crack at the latter, our “Statement of Westy.”Like it’s most recent predecessor, SOW is crisp, clean, and (obviously) hop-forward—but we like to play around in the kitchen and keep folks on their toes. Our malt bill got a little bit of a facelift: now featuring a base malt designed specifically for IPAs from the folks over at Gambrinus Malting to provide balanced sweetness and body that allows our hops to really shine. In the kettle, Cascade, El Dorado, and Centennial CGX hops come together to give us plenty of bite, while a hefty dry hop of Cascade, Chinook CGX, and Columbus CGX provide a classically strong nose of citrus and pine that will have you thinking you’re sipping on the West Coast. Easy drinking and perfect for any occasion, make a statement today by ordering a couple of these bad boys!

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