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Oriane – Fruited NE Pale Ale

Summer is winding down… but slowly. We’ve got a delightful lil’ crusher of a NE Pale Ale right here for y’all. Loosely translated as “sunrise” from French, Oriane is your perfect companion for these fleetingly hot, sunny days.Built upon a base of pilsner malt, with a decent heft of dextrin, a big smack of white wheat, and a touch of flaked oats to round out the grist. Lotus hops, known for their all-around orange-laden disposition, with a hint of vanilla, were added for its citrus bent. A reasonable amount of blood orange was added mid-fermentation, as well as more of the aforementioned Lotus for dry-hopping. Our favored house London Ale yeast strain was chosen for optimal pillowy haze and gentle esters. And a bonus drop of a lil’ cara cara orange goodness was added to the beer to condition on toward the end of fermentation for funzies and to push that damn fine fruit character a smidge further.Soft, smooth, & packed with flavor/aroma of fresh citrus… this tiny sunrise in your glass will brighten your day!

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