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Nimloth – New Zealand IPA

“Another beer named after some deep-cut Lord of the Rings lore…?” Yes, yes indeed. We lean into the nerd/dork/geek stuff here pretty dang hard. Might as well go full send from time to time, right? (pushes nerdy glasses back up bridge of nose) Plus, all of LotR was filmed in NZ. Everyone wins here. Blah, blah, blah… ok back on track. Anyway, this killer new hop-forward offering is oh-so-gosh-darn-tasty, y’all.Built on a mixed base of pilsner and standard 2-row malts, with a decent smack of dextrin, and a sprinkle of acidulated round out the grist. All NZ hops with all their unique terroir-based flavors/aromatics shine excellently in this lovely ale. The duo of Nectaron and Nelson Sauvin grace the kettle and whirlpool additions. The quad showstoppers of Motueka, Nectaron, Nelson Sauvin, & Wai-iti lend their talents to the dry-hopping regimen. Our favored house ale yeast strain lets the hops take centerstage while keeping it all clean and crisp.Bright and punchy with a veritable plethora of tropical goodness backed by citrus and a light undercurrent of stone fruit. This liquid libation just might make you want to dust off your copy of The Silmarillion and attempt to read it cover-to-cover, and actually finish it this time. (You know who you all are… admit it.)

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